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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Splash of Life | freshwater

Splash Water Cibeureum Waterfall

Bogor Night City Light

Refresh for a while that what i do and my friend maone to get this place, prepare from couple days before D-Day but bad whether made some of the other's cancel the trip. But not for me and maone. We decided to keep get going, get some fresh air, fresh view, fresh trip, but fast as quick as you feel just sleep in the night. The photo above taken when i try to get the splash water when maone washed his face from saliva that he got when sleeping. lol

The next photo is taken at the place known as "gantole" it is quite high spot at bogor. In day this place ussually used as the place for paragliding to take of. Before i came here in jakarta the wheter is rain, but when i got here about 11pm i got lucky and seeing this beautiful view. hopely some day i could get here with my family, my beloved. Syukur to Alloh for the all, what i got..

Just enjoy your life capture every moment with your powershot camera, pray well, work well, live well, and die well in the way that Muhammad told us..


Friday, June 15, 2012

Macro Feature | Powershot G11

Javanese Edelweis Alpine Edelweis Europe Edelweis

Fruits Berry if you lucky you'll get the sweet one
Carrying a compact camera like powershot is really great, it help me to capture every single moment so i can get the best shot in my trip. this picture taken when i was hiking at mt. gede pangrango. The picture above is javanese edelweis, from the literate its still have family tree with the europe edelweis or alpine edelweis. Hopely i can the other kind of that edelweis too.

People also known that edelweis for the eternal flower. For Indonesia, this flower is conservated by the governance so people do not allow to chase them. For some reason why people or may be i can focus and call that people some beginner hiker, because it's flower never go down i mean it last for the long time until  it brittle one by one, offcourse if you keep it gentlely. In Bromo mountain some of the edelweis also colorful, may be next time if i have a time i will travel to bromo and show you what is colorful edelweis from bromo mountain.

Also in the tropical mountain you can see many fruits in there, like this one, some call the red one above "jungle berry" is sound pretty unique for the prefix jungle. Exactly every think that we found in the forrest or jungle that have the same characteristic out side the jungle we give them prefix -jungle to define them with the other one that out side the jungle.

so.. enjoy your trip and hopely we can get a great moment every where and any where, in my case off course with my powershot g11. very compact and high value camera everknown until today exactly.. peace out.. enjoy your day..
Just being likeapro

Red Sunset Cloud

red sunset dawn cloud

red sunset background dead leaf
red sunset dawn cloud

some i get lucky and see this amazing dawn
get home after work, from my room
aside look at the sky, and how amazed am i geting this picture

but this is just a picture that i take,
i'm not professional to capture the whole sky and emotion
but like the title, i try to be likeapro to capture it

just enjoy

Mural Art

Mural Art in Tanjung Barat Jakarta Indonesia -September2011

some how,
it's interesting for me

Jakarta is a big city,
but the problem of traffic, day by day not yet showing it is closer to the end
sometimes i think,
are there no one care about this problem except the media

then i saw this,
i think popo made this..

community of young man that have the same respect about jakarta
don't be so pale if you show the trafic of jakarta


Thursday, June 14, 2012

hindu temple | south east asia

This hindu temple known as Prambanan Temple 
local people also known as candi Rara Jonggrang 
the name of legendary beautiful princes

its about 47 meter above
build in 9 century
known as UNESCO world heritage
found in 1733 by ducth CA. Lons

in south east asia,
the tallest temple in indonesia

the light of blue
some how i get this picture

lucky me

tropic country
really hot in day

temple in the temple

just viewing other gate from the other
but the sky is not to good

Wedding D-Day

traditional culture 
is a great combination color 
in wedding photograph i think

when romantic 
meet funny 
it's wonderfull

old city project

night beach light display

Some surprise
some joy
some more

i think they not married yet
may be wrong
just guest..
enjoy the night

some how
alone is quite bit not to bad

unless you enjoy it quite well
enjoy the night